Saturday, May 10, 2008


Everyone over 30 years of age should buy a motorcycle. In today's frightened era of global warming and environmental danger, the emissions of gas (and might I mention the price) are some common worries. The motorcycle is the key vehicle in reducing gas emissions, achieving awesome gas mileage, which in turn will allow you to get more gas for your buck. The reason I say for everyone over 30, is because at that point of age, they seem to be less reckless, as my brother for example and other people I know over 30. They have matured, and are not concerned about the 'need for speed', and the roads will ultimately be safer because of that, if this is true. Those are some simple reasons, plus the thrill of riding. One final note: If there is an atomic bomb or natural disaster, the motorcycle is by far the easiest way out of traffic congestion. Just drive through the median or between the stopped cars! The motorcyclists will be the lone survivors, trapped away in the hills of West Virginia where they will be safe, to repopulate the Earth.

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